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Climate change is the most urgent issue of our time. The last three years have been the hottest in recorded history, and a warming planet has dire consequences. Climate change causes extreme weather —bringing more intense and frequent heat waves, severe droughts, heavier rainfall, dangerous flooding, and outbreaks of deadly disease.
Burning fossil fuels is a leading contributor to climate change and the oil and gas industry has known this for decades. Yet, instead of alerting the world to these dangers and curbing fossil fuel extraction, they used hot-wired lobbyists and campaign contributions to bamboozle the public and undermine action. On top of that, a recent report showed that one fossil fuel company alone — ExxonMobil — is responsible for an estimated 3,500 petroleum spills and leaks in New York State. In many cases, the spills have not been fully cleaned up decades later.
New York cannot break its addiction to fossil fuels and move to a renewable future by permitting new infrastructure that will lock us into decades of fossil fuel use and leave our land and water vulnerable to spills and accidents.
TAKE ACTION TODAY! Call Governor Cuomo today to urge him to use the State’s powers to deny permits, Water Quality Certifications, or other regulatory approvals for transmission pipelines, power generating plants, compressor stations, and fossil fuel infrastructure projects that are environmental hazards and would perpetuate New York’s dependence on burning natural gas, coal and oil for energy generation. Tell the Governor: No more fossil fuel infrastructure!

Call toll-free: 1-800-566-5020

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With climate deniers firmly in control of national policies, it will be up to the states to hold corporate polluters accountable. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is currently leading an investigation into whether the oil industry misled investors, regulators and the public about climate change and thwarted efforts that would curb emissions of greenhouse gases.
Oil and Gas corporations must tell the public and their shareholders the truth about their role in accelerating the pace of climate change. NY Attorney General Schneiderman is one of the last checks on the immense power of the Oil and Gas industry. This is a David vs. Goliath issue, and it will shape the planet for years and decades to come. Join us in urging him to pursue his investigation to the fullest extent of the law.
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Big Oil and Gas corporations...

CONCEALED the truth about the catastrophic consequences of fossil fuel use on the climate.
MISLED the public, investors, and regulators.
ATTACKED real science and those who spoke against them.
CORRUPTED the democratic process to prevent climate action.
YOU can hold them accountable!
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Please check out Mr. Bevis Longstreth’s views on the Attorney General’s investigation: In Praise of the Martin Act and the Attorney General’s Use of It to Investigate Exxon’s “Tobacco Strategy.” Mr. Longstreth is a former Commissioner of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under President Ronald Reagan.
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