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As your watchdog in New York, NYPIRG works to strengthen democracy, fight for the rights of consumers and voters, and protect the environment and public health.
Jury selected for Skelos corruption retrial  (Newsday, June 19, 2018)
State Legislature outlaws revenge porn, passes other uncontroversial bills  (City & State, June 19, 2018)
Horner, Wilson push lawmakers to pass good government bills  (Spectrum News, June 18, 2018)
Uncertainty looms as State Legislature enters the end of session  (Newsday, June 17, 2018)
New Yorkers are spurning public transport for ride sharing  (New York Post, June 17, 2018)
Student leaders from NY public colleges lobby for more support  (WCAX Channel 3, June 12, 2018)
NY Legislature approves banning minors from tanning booths  (Newsday, June 12, 2018)
City budget includes $106 million for Fair Fares  (Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 12, 2018)
Organizations sign on to back proposed SHIELD legislation  (Buffalo Law Journal, June 12, 2018)
Chester supervisor Jamieson to face Albany court hearing, Town Board meeting this week  (Times-Herald Record, June 11, 2018)
Straphangers, Advocates Take Fight for ‘Fair Fares’ to City Hall Steps  (The Forum, June 7, 2018)
A.G. Underwood Announces Broad Support For Shield Act From Major Business And Consumer Groups  (LongIsland.com, June 6, 2018)
Progressive groups are launching a movement to create a public bank in New York City  (Mic.com, June 6, 2018)
New York Community, Worker Rights, Economic Justice, and Environmental Groups Call on City to Establish a Public Bank and Divest from Wall Street  (Common Dreams, June 5, 2018)
Task force created by City Council recommends CUNY go tuition-free  (Gotham Gazette, June 1, 2018)
Close up campaign account loophole  (Niagara Gazette, May 31, 2018)
New York poised to ban anyone younger than 18 from tanning salons  (Newsday, May 30, 2018)
'Zombie' campaign funds don't die when political careers do  (Plattsburgh Press-Republican, May 31, 2018)
NYPIRG: 'Warwick is helping lead the way'  (The Warwick Advertiser, May 24, 2018)
Subway improvement master plan focuses on quickly updating signal system, sources say  (AM New York, May 23, 2018)
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